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Hangul Jewelry
Most charms and pendants are available as large sterling silver pendants, small
sterling silver charms, large 14K gold pendants and small 14K gold charms.







Hangul Name Prints
Your child's Korean name translated, printed on heavy
weight cardstock, and matted in the color of your choice.  
8X10.  Ready to frame.



Thanks for visiting Heart and Seoul!


Thanks for visiting Heart and Seoul! 
Since 1999, it has been our pleasure to provide our customers with unique and affordable products celebrating families and adoption.  

Here are some comments from just a few of our customers...

More than a cute shirt:  My daughter wore her shirt to the airport to meet us when we brought her sister home from China, and if she had her way, she would wear it all day, everyday. It is her very favorite piece of clothing ever.  For her it is more than a cute shirt. It is public validation of her life story.  Our daughter struggles with the losses associated with her adoption and that little T shirt has been a source of significant healing for her.  ~C.S.

Oh how beautiful the Hangul Goddaughter charm is!  Our Goddaughter is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  She's so proud of her Korean-born cousins.  Even at the tender age of 7, she understands the importance of our children's birth culture.  ~L.D.

The announcements arrived today!  They are absolutely adorable!!!  Thank you so much for getting them out so quickly.  I will definitely tell all my waiting adopting friends about your website!   ~C.K.

Thank you for the beautiful job on my Italian Link charms. I just love them. My kids love the airplane and we talk about their flight home with us. I plan to purchase more charms for myself and my mom. Thanks again, I just love looking at them! ~L.L.

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Note from Shari, owner of Heart and Seoul:  My husband and I were led to 2 of our precious children on Rainbow Kids.  There are many waiting children available for adoption today.  Some wait due to major or moderate special needs, some minor, correctable special needs, and some because of their age or gender.  If you are considering adoption and think you might be interested in adopting a waiting child, please visit Rainbow Kids today...and please keep all of these waiting children in your prayers.

Our Rainbow Kids!


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